The progress of the massage

Before the massage itself, a batch is ready for you and the masseuse. After that a brief, informal conversation follows to help you to get to know each other better. After this conversation the masseuse will help you to answer your possible questions regarding the massage and after a mutual agreement the massage starts.


The client’s lies comfortably on his belly with a towel or a scarf on his buttocks. The masseuse is fully tuned for his client or clients (in case of a couple) and very gently she choses such techniques to bring the maximum relief and relaxation to her client. She starts with various techniques of stroking gently the client’s neck and back… After she removes the towel from the client buttocks, the intensive part of the massage comes. With the help of the massage oil and the massage techniques the client’s muscles on the neck, back and buttock are starting to relief. Here it is very important for the client to communicate with the masseuse and to notice her about his wishes concerning the intensity and also whether the client wants come back to some parts. The massage is chosen in such way according to the client wish whether the massage should be more intensive or whether the client prefers more or less “indications” of a massage combined with lots of stroking.


Wen it comes to the erotic massage part this is usually anticipated by the masseuse with the help of your indications – a deep breathing on every time when she comes with her hands to your butt and she stays still for a while or you are actually slightly spreading your legs so that she understands this is an invitation for her hands to approach to your intimate parts. All these are the indications that now it’s the time to make the massage more “spicy”. We follow the open and right communication which means that if you want to tell your masseuse right away that now it’s the time to come to your intimate parts, you can just directly say it.


At first the masseuse focuses is on your butt and she starts stroking it gently and gradually she will lower her hand to your sensitive places and lower. If you wish, she will gently slide her finger on your anal hole, she will draw lines around it with her finger, she will be slowly sliding down to your perineum – the nice place between the scrotum and your anal hole. Due to the hygienic reasons she will use a gentle latex glove. If you wish to receive the massage of your anal and perineum for a longer time, you can just say that. Gradually your penis will be bigger and bigger and therefore the masseuse will suggest you such position that will suit you. Once you want it, her hand will start paying the attention to your penis. With a new massage oil dose the masseuse will glide your penis with her palm from the top to its very bottom. She wont forget your testicles and scrotum as a slight playing with these parts is a suitable supplement to the stimulation of your glans. The number of the climaxes is not limited.

After the massage is over you can remain calm and let flow the energy according to your needs. At this stage, it is also possible to have a final conversation to communicate your experience or possibly an explanation of feelings experienced during a massage can be given. After the end of the massage you can again take a shower or let the oil continue to do have an effect on you.