Tenga egg

This massage has many similar characteristics as any other erotic massage. But here comes “into the game” one very interesting sexual aid. Our masseuse opens in front of you a completely new so called “Tenga Egg” to be sure that it has not been used it before. Then she puts into it a sufficient amount of lubricant gel which is necessary and it helps to avoid any unpleasant friction. Then you need to get aroused enough so that the Tenga egg would be easy to applied to your penis. For this purpose the masseuse turns with her back to you and gets on her knees and stretches up her ass on you. Sometimes a hand partially expands the buttocks so that you could fully explore her carefully shaved up pussy and her anal ring.


To enhance the atmosphere the masseuse several time passes with her finger through the middle of her pussy and ass and looks at you. Then the masseuse puts (possibly with your assistance) the Tenga egg on your glans and begins with it very slowly and then faster and more intensely move up and down. The feelings that you feel will be very intense. Some types of Tenga Eggs are equipped inside with small tips to enhance your maximum stimulation. Tenga massage is much more pleasant than if your satisfaction would be brought to you just with the masseuse’s hands. It is up to you how long you let yourself to be a pleases with the masseuse’s strip show performance foreplay and when you want to use the Tenga Egg. It’s a new erotic experience for you …