How can I order a massage?

Massage can be ordered by a phone call at: or by email at the e-mail address:
info@massage-luxury.com. Within 24 hours from sending your e-mail our confirmation will be sent to you.

Can I cancel a massage or a change a date?

Yes, but we ask for this information as early as possible by telephone, notifying us you can not attend because the masseuse has her time reserved for you.

How long in advance the massage should I order?

It always depends on the number of clients. Sometimes you can even order the massage a few hours before its start, sometimes the ordering time takes longer till we confirm you a time. This can be in range of days.

Can I bring my friend, colleague or a business partner?

Certainly, for all of you we have dedicated a separate room, each of you will experience a pleasant relaxation which you will surely have a long talk about to share your experiences.

How often do I go to erotic massage?

The frequency of a massage is not determined. It is up to you how often you allow your self this unique experience.

Can I donate a massage - to buy a gift voucher?

Yes, for this purpose, you can come to see us personally or we can send a voucher to you by post, simply contact us by phone or e-mail.

Can I pay a massage by a payment card?

Due to the fact that we do not have the required electronic equipment, this is not possible. We accept cash only. CZK, USD and EUR.

Can I order a massage to my home / hotel?

We only provide massage in our professionally equipped premises.

How long can I be in the shower or in the bath?

It is up to you how long you wish to be in a common bath with your masseuse, the time that you spend with her, however, is included in the total time reserved for you.

Are your erotic massages age-restricted?

Massages are permitted to those who have reached the age of 18 years and more.

What way my masseuse will be clothed?

In the beginning she will be decently dressed in an underwear and then she will be completely naked.

From what parts the massage is composed of?

At first you take a bath, then follows the body massage, afterwards the actual erotic massage then finished by your climax. During all this time your are listening to a pleasant music as well as pleasant voice of the masseuse during an informal talk. Massage can be then closed again with a shower.

Where can I can touch the masseuse?

Mutual touching is allowed only after agreement with the masseuse, she sets limits herself with you.

We can satisfy other?

Masseuse can satisfy herself in front of you and you can accompany her with stroking – she sets limits herself with you that must be respected.

How many minutes of a total time the massage of intimate parts lasts?

It is up to you how much time you dedicate in what phase. Some passages can speed up or skipped – and it depends only up to you.

Is oral sex, classic sex, S / M or kissing allowed? Is it possible to pay extra for this?

We do not offer these services.

Do you offer a massage of the prostate and a male anal?

We only offer a massage of the outer part of your rectum, unless agreed with the masseuse otherwise. However, it should fully respect the wishes of the masseuse.

Is it possible to ejaculate on the masseuse?

Usually yes, mostly on her breast or belly unless agreed otherwise.