Erotic Massage – VIP

Luxury massage is an erotic massage through which you can discover the possibilities and capabilities of your whole body. During this massage your excitement can be brought forward or postponed, we can open up a new world of unexplored senses and feelings for you. Sensitive touch of our masseuses relieves tension and enables the endorphins to flow and all this brings you feelings of well-being and relaxation.


This massage includes traditional hand touch massage using a gentle massage oil. Before the massage itself the client undergoes a hot bath – according to his wishes, of course, this can be shared with the masseuse together. The massage itself starts when you are lying on your stomach and totally naked masseuse removes the towel from you which is covering your buttocks. According to your preferences you can carefully watch the naked, perfect body of the masseuse including all intimate areas such as the groin and surrounding areas. First starts a sport-relaxation massage but it is up to you how long you would like to enjoy this massage before initiating the erotic massage. In this respect your wishes are fully understood by our masseuse. Erotic massage focuses first on your intimate parts such as buttocks, perineum, penis or outside of your anus.

Erotic massage Luxury – we guarantee a maximum experience

During the massage a pleasant and soft music plays and the masseuse can have a conversation with you or even you can communicate your feelings and tell her what she is doing really well. The position you will be lying in is up to you regarding the masseuse’s desire to make you feel comfortable and welcome. During this massage the masseuse uses only her hands and her skilled fingers.


Number of climaxes is not limited. After the massage, we recommend a hot bath or as an alternative you can let the massage oil to continue to do have an effect on you and you can still feel as the touches of the masseuse are slowly drifting away. Luxury massage is a great way to retain your sexual energy, is a great relaxation but also excitement, passion and encouragement. Treat yourself with this extraordinary relax with us. We look forward to your visit.