Erotic massage for couples

This massage is one of our new services and it is being demanded more and more often from our clients. Couples want to experience something new, yet unexplored, they want to give themselves an opportunity to discover a point closer to their erotic boundaries, their perception and experience. For this purpose, two masseuses are reserved.


After the bath, which usually undergoes a couple together (even if the male partner wishes this very much, unfortunately, for capacity reasons, the other two masseuses really cannot not fit into the bath), our masseuses take the shower separately.
Then you choose the music that you really enjoy the best or you can bring your own music (on flashdisc, CD). For this purpose a gentle massage oil is used and the both masseuses start massaging together, almost synchronicly. A couple at first lies on their stomach, they might hold each other’s hands, they lie close to each other so that they are touching each other. Here, as in other types of massages, is at first a sport-relaxation massage applied. The pace and intensity of the touches each one of the pair defines individually.

Then follows the erotic massage of intimate areas. For girls, according to their wishes, may also be given a breasts massage. Sometimes a girl – client might feel that it’s something strange when another girl is touching her intimate places. It is important to know that the masseuse has close attitude to this activity and she knows the best what the other woman really feels and where to touch her the best. We recommend you to close your eyes and let your self to be drifted away with your own fantasy whilst you are listening to the sound of a soft music. At the climax phase it is possible that the opposite partner is involved and can accompany the masseuse’s hands. Give yourself this unique experience when your feelings of pleasure and relaxation are given from someone else.